Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information

  • What is UUM COLGIS meant?
  • Where is UUM COLGIS located?
  • Who is the Head of UUM COLGIS?
  • Who are the Deans of Schools at UUM COLGIS?
  • How many students are there at UUM COLGIS?
  • How many schools are there at UUM COLGIS?
  • What is the general phone number and mailing address for UUM COLGIS?
  • How do I find contact information for UUM COLGIS students, faculty, and staff?
  • What is UUM COLGIS’s mission statement?
  • Where can I find information on UUM COLGIS dress code?
  • If I have a good academic qualification, can I apply for an academic position at UUM COLGIS?
  • How can I apply for an administrative job at UUM COLGIS?
  • What is medium of communication among administrative staff at UUM COLGIS?
  • Where can I find a map of the University?

Studying at UUM COLGIS

  • I want to study at UUM COLGIS. What courses do you offer?
  • How do I apply?
  • Can you send me an application form?
  • Do you have post graduate courses?
  • How can I find out about them?
  • How much does it cost to study at UUM COLGIS?
  • When should I start to apply?
  • How long will it take to process my application?
  • What are the English language proficiency requirements?
  • What is a certified document meant as mentioned in the application form?
  • What scholarships do you offer for international students?
  • Where can I find out about your financial aid program for international students?
  • Where can I find information about other financial aid?
  • Does UUM COLGIS offer free courses?
  • Do you accept transfer students?
  • I've already done one year of my degree course, and I want to change institutions.
  • Am I a domestic or international student? What do you mean by international student?
  • What are the admissions and visa requirements for international students?
  • To be a student within UUM COLGIS, do I need Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)?
  • What distance learning programs are offered at UUM COLGIS?
  • Does UUM COLGIS offer English courses?
  • What is medium of instruction in classes?
  • Can I visit the College to get necessary information?
  • If I plan to visit UUM COLGIS, where I can stay?
  • Where else can I stay in UUM COLGIS?
  • Can you recommend a hotel?

Resources and Facilities

  • What are resources and facilities available at UUM COLGIS?
  • Who can use UUM COLGIS resources and facilities?
  • Do have international food or cafeteria?
  • Do you have computer lab and internet connection at UUM COLGIS?
  • Do you have sport facilities?
  • Do you provide facilities to disabled people?
  • Can I drive my own car to UUM COLGIS?
  • Is there any parking lot made available for public or visitors at UUM COLGIS?
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